Logo VAROS Productions   Winds of life
 Trad./English lyrics: D. van Altena
 Music: R. Hermans
The grand old mill would turn and turn
Round and round a-swayin
Stood there proud as he could be
Youd see him sweepin and a-playin
Playin with the winds of life
Hed face every storm and strife

He was king in younger days
And ruled my fathers low lands
Tender years would slip away
Each day with the passing of the slow hands
Once a fighter strong and bold
But now so tired, so hurt, so old

And oh the stories he could tell
Hed move of pure sensation
Was it the old mill his voice
Or boys imagination
Wish I could travel on the wind
To sit back at his feet again

Big white clouds a-carryin
Love and understanding
Drift away towards the sea
From where the mill is standing
Whos desperately lookin for
The winds of life that blow no more