Logo VAROS Productions   Down by the river (Down by the mill)
 (J. van Laar) English lyrics: D. van Altena
Theres a lovely little place
Where calm ol waters run
Where the millers daughters face
Taught the morning sun
With a smile so warm and true
How to light the day
A smile that settled in my mind
And makes me wanna stay

     Down by the river
     The patient river
     Down by the mill where my darling waits for me
     Down by the river
     The ancient river
     Down by the mill where forever I will be

When the sun is sinking low
Evening is still and sweet
And though we are so far apart
My heart and hers will meet
Thats the time I wish I could
Dream here eternally
So both my aching heart and I
Neednt long to be

     Down by the river

Little girlsll be dancing in
Dresses of lace one day
The mill will go round cheerfully
Ribbons to every stay
Ill take the millers daughters hand
And get down on my knee
Place a ring a-whispering
If she will marry me

     Down by the river